Top 5 Electrical Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

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If you are a home buyer, taking advantage of the depressed housing market, you may find that DIY renovations and remodeling isn’t as easy as it seems. As a result, you may find yourself forking out for even more money trying to fix the electrical mistakes you never thought would be a problem! To help you avoid paying out even more money – you will find outlined below 5 common electrical mistakes…

1. Focusing on aesthetics only

When it comes to home renovation, many homeowners often focus on the resale value. Upgrading kitchen cabinets and installing a new tub in every bathroom are typical cosmetic improvements. Unfortunately as well as aesthetics, it is important to pay attention to things that matter behind the scenes. Do not ignore the electrical wiring of the building.

2. Using inefficient light bulbs

Have a look at your light bulbs. LEDs and CFLs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Give these a shot and you’ll be pleased to find yourself saving more on your electricity bills.

3. Connections without electrical boxes

Have you bought an electrical box? If you haven’t, you probably didn’t buy one because you didn’t think it was necessary. Not having a box can be very dangerous because any sparks or heat is uncontained, posing a definite fire hazard. Invest in an electrical box if you want to protect your family and avoid the expense and headached of a fire.

4. Installing electrical water heaters in the wrong place

A lot of large homes have electrical water heaters installed far away from bathrooms. Contractors usually solve this through the installation of pumps so that hot water can circulate full time around the house. This comes in handy for those who want to have hot water right away. However, it’s also a waste of energy, especially when you don’t need hot water. If it’s impossible to move the water heater close to the bathroom, then try switching out the pump and use a timer-operated model instead.

5. Avoiding professional help

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many instructional videos you watch, there is always a need to hire a professional residential electrician if you want to ensure that everything is done safely. Complicated projects, such as rewiring electricity are truly a laborious task, and must be done professionally in order to ensure that they will be done correctly.

Don’t avoid hiring an electrician just to save money, because you’ll just end up spending more in the long run. When you need a professional electrician in Wellington – CMC Electrical is one of the best electricians in town. Their years of experience means they know exactly what they are doing. Visit to receive a free quote on any electrical work you need doing on your home.


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