Electrical Safety Requirements for Landlords


From a thorough research, it is found that landlords are suffering to substantial financial risks from various fines and not validated insurance for not acting strictly on their electrical safety requirements. Landlords are also the main source in putting their private tenants at the risk of fire or accident.

Electrical Safety requirements

Landlords are bound by law to ensure:

All the electrical installation and appliances in a rented house/property should be safely installed before the tenants move in and the electrical circuits and wirings should be checked properly on a time to time basis during their stay.

HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) has a mandatory periodic inspection which has to be carried on the property on a minimum of every five years.

If the house/property is not rented or an HMO, then you are not bound to carry the inspection but it is recommended to have a periodic inspection/test carried out by a registered commercial electrician of Wellington.

The landlord should check that all the appliances that are provided to the tenants has utmost safety and has an RCM mark. RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) which ensure that products meet the mentioned regulatory requirements which come under electrical safety in New Zealand.

Landlords should perform an electrical safety check in and around the property plus on each electrical appliance twice a year by a registered commercial electrician Wellington. The landlord should ensure that these checks are properly mentioned on the rental agreement.

A Residual Current Device (RCD) perpetually monitors the high volt current flowing through a circuit. If RCD senses any loss of current due to which current is diverting into the ground, it will immediately shut the circuit to prevent any person from being injured, burned or electrocuted. Therefore, the landlord should ensure that the property has adequate/sufficient RCD protection.

The landlord should be assured that all the switchboards of the property are in utmost condition. The switchboards help to protect the whole electrical wiring system of the property. Switchboards comprises of main power switch along with a number of circuit breakers. Circuit breakers break the current flowing into different wiring system when an overload is detected in the circuit.

The landlord should provide enough Electrical and Fire safety measures in case of any electrical or fire emergency like a couple of fire blankets, fire extinguishers, heavy tools to break/escape throughout the house/property.

The landlord should make sure that the precautionary tips, safety guidelines and important contact details (fire station, hospital, police departments) are properly mentioned on the prime wall of the property. It would immensely help the tenant/owner in case of any emergency.


The landlord should make sure that all safety checks are ticked by authorised commercial, industrial, and residential electrician Wellington. CMC Electrical is one of the recommended authorised company for domestic and commercial electrical rewiring and other electrical works. We at CMC Electricals believe in solving all your electrical and pumping needs. We also provide instant help to you during your immediate emergencies.

Electricians in CMC work across the whole of the Hutt Valley and the Greater Wellington Region of New Zealand. For further details, please visit our website, www.cmceletrical.co.nz. We are waiting to provide a reliable and satisfying service and experience.


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